About us

We Are Not Stars,

We Are Not Big,

We Are Not Powerful,

We Do Not Know Any One Influential,We Do Not Know Any One Popular,

But We Do Know About Shoes, We Do Know About Clothing,

We Do Know About Giving You Quality Products At Affordable Prices.

We Know Someday We Shall Be Able To Reach Many Of You By Doing Business Right Way, Bringing You Fashion,

Quoting Right Prices And Offering You Genuine Discounts.Probably It May Take Time.

We Are Ready To Wait. Wait To Serve You Without Fame or Wealth. Wait To Reach That Customer Satisfaction.

We Are Doing Business To Gain Some Profits

But Not At The Cost Of Cheap Products Or Misleading Prices. We Do Not Want To Inflate Our MRP And Give Steep

Discounts To Grab Your Attention.

Right product... Right Prices...For a Happy You And We.